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So why SherpaJeff?

I certainly do not have an ego big enough to think that I am comparable in any way to the real Sherpa's of Nepal. Simply put, it is the nick name tagged on me by Roots. On our first backpacking trip together and Roots first, (Fundy National Park 2003) Roots had rented a backpack and gear from the M.E.C. and was fiddling with his gear as Skeeter and I waited "patiently" with our backpacks on. After watching Al, AKA Roots, fumble with his gear, as we all do at first, my patience ran out and I started cramming his gear in his pack for him. In true Roots fashion he simply laughed and yelled out, "Jeesh it's like I have my own Sherpa!" Needless to say the nickname stuck and we had many laughs on many trips thereafter. So there you have it. My wife agrees with the tag as it seems no matter where I am, on the trail, in the Mall, In LL Bean in Freeport, people always seem to ask me questions about many things. She believes I have "Ask Me" tattooed on my forehead and only certain people can see it...those who want to go where I have already been. The outdoors became my device to quit a 20 year smoking habit. I was climbing a hill with my wife at Fundy National Park in August 2000 and I honestly did not know if I would be coming back down. My head pounded. My heart pounded. At 40 years old I saw the light and I quit when I got home and have never smoked again. I can't. There is no way I can do what I now love to do, hike, backpack, and smoke. No Way. So I hope you enjoy the sights and thoughts in this ever building website. Please email me your thoughts, questions, comments and ideas. I love talking to anyone...ask my wife and she'll point you to my forehead!



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