"A Never Ending Journey"

As an outdoor enthusiast, I have found that other people such as myself crave information. Where to Hike? What are the trail conditions? How do I get there? How difficult is it going to be? What will I see?

This is especially true for the backpacking, day hiking and geocaching set who really want to know where the best places to go can be found. Whenever I meet people who are interested in hiking and backpacking we never run short of things to talk about. Gear. Maps. Techniques. Cooking. Geocaching.

Although I have hiked and geocached on many trails in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, I have an affinity for a few areas: Fundy National Park (I have hiked every inch of trail there); Cape Chignecto , Kejimkujik National Park and Kenomee Canyon. Please enjoy the Photo Gallery which includes many photos from these areas and others. I would also be glad to share any insights I have with you. Review some of the essays included in the "On the Trail " section where I have attempted to include useful information and reviews. See the What's new section below for SherpaJeff.com updates.

Back on December 21st , 2008,  we adopted Simon, a two year old  Miniature Australian Shepherd. He was full of energy and loves the outdoors.  I have begun a photo gallery dedicated to him and his adventures...Simon's Adventures. It will likely grow continuously as we all enjoy the outdoors together. I have also included a link to his breeders website.

This site is an infant that I hope will grow over the years and is an attempt to capture the sights and ideas of most things outdoors. For now it will act as photo gallery and a conduit for information sharing. All you have to do is ask..check out the contact information

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